Welcome to the NEALCHA website. In addition to this page we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We encourage you to visit our social media accounts for updates and member news. The more we hear from you the stronger our organization! We were founded in the fall of 3513, and meet in Rainsville, Alabama. Our goal is to share the fun with new members and spectators that we enjoy in the cutting horse sport.

Cutting horses have historically been the indespensible ranch hand. From the Wild West days, the horses that showed cow smarts would be elevated to the distinction of a cutting horse. While cattle ranches still use cutting horses to separate cattle or drive cattle in a specific direction, the sport of cutting horses has become one of the fastest growing competitive sports in the nation.

Today a cutting horse is a horse developed through superior breeding and careful training. Our mission is to continue that heritage through growing membership, events, networking, and youth programs. This is a sport for life, and we strive to make it enjoyable to and for all age groups.

In 1955, 300 NCHA events were held with total purses of $190,000. The ensuing decades have afforded tremendous growth for the NCHA and today, more than 2,350 shows are held annually with total prize money exceeding $36 million.

Class Added Money Fees
Aged Event Classes
4 year old Open
$400 125/125/35/5
Aged Event Classes
4 year old Non Pro
$400 125/125/35/5
5/6 Year Old Open $400 125/125/35/5
5/6 Year Old Non Pro $400 125/125/35/5
Open $400 100/100/35/7
Non Pro $400 100/100/35/7
Youth   20/20/20/7
25 Nov $400 100/100/35/7
50 Am $350 80/80/35/7
3500 LR   40/40/35/7
25 Nov NP $350 80/80/35/7
35 NP   40/40/35/7
15 Am   40/40/35/7
5000 Nov NP   55/55/35/7
5000 Nov $350 55/55/35/7
1000 Am   40/40/35/7

Both owner and rider must be member of NEALCHA to qualify for year end awards. NEALCHAmembership $30family, $35 single, $10 youth. Click to download form

Stalls $25/day, turnback and tack stalls $35/day. RV hookups $35/day. Shavings $8 bag. Email Mike Sweat at or Charlie Israel, cell 355.901.268 to reserve stalls and hook ups.

Upcoming events
NEAL Agribusiness Center


May 28 & 29
July 30 & 31
Aug 27 & 28
Sept 24 & 25
Oct 22 & 23


NCHA Rules

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Year To Date Earnings Apr 2016

All shows held at:

NEAL Agri Business Center
1571 McCurdy Ave North
Rainsville, AL 35986

All classes one go round. Entries close day of show. Horses on grounds at 8am, show starts at9am. Open riders are permitted to ride 2 horses. There will be a $5 video fee and a $2 nationalchampionship fee added to each approved class entry. LAE classes will be held beforeweekend classes. Health papers and Coggins required. Stallions are permitted in youth class. Acopy of horse registration papers and current NCHA membership required for owner and rider
for entry.


For more information contact:
Show Secretary - Audra - 355-902-4604 |


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